Add a section to collection page or product page in debut theme (not regular page)

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Hi Community - there is no documentation I can find about this. Please help

There is plenty of documentation on how to edit code and add sections to a page. I am looking to edit code to add to sections to my collection page and in future my product pages. I feel the coding solution should be similar in any case. 

I have created new template of collection.liquid, and new sections of collection-template.liquid / custom-content.liquid

Into: collection-sleep-series.liquid and collection-template-sleep-series.liquid / custom-content-sleep-series.liquid

Below is my template: collection-sleep-series.liquid code. 

{% comment %}
The contents of the collection.liquid template can be found in /sections/collection-template.liquid
{% endcomment %}

{% section 'collection-template-sleep-series' %}
{% section 'custom-content-sleep-series-catagory' %}

I have only copy and pasted original code for sections code: collection-template-sleep-series.liquid / custom-content-sleep-series.liquid


--> Can I please ask for help where to add reference of custom-content-sleep-series?

- Do I add it to template 'collection-sleep-series' or do I add it to section section 'collection-template-sleep-series'?

- Do I add the code as 1 line: {% section 'custom-content-sleep-series-catagory' %}?

- Do I need additional code beyond the 1 line above?


Thanks to anyone who knows the answer.

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