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Hi, Dawn theme looks awesome to use but it does not have image slider on homepage. How can i add image slider in it. Thankyou

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Hi there,
Jack from OpenThinking here!

Dawn doesn't have this function. You'll need to implement it by yourself. Since it's a complex task, we can implement that for you, feel free to contact us. (But keep in mind that Carousels are not recommended)


Why Carousels are a bad idea:

But it's been documented that Carousels (Image sliders) are ineffective at converting site visitors, annoying and are slowing down your website and are bad for SEO.

Common issues include:

  • Only a small percentage of site visitors actually click on a slide .
  • Content goes unread because readers are not clicking through the whole slider and will skim through the carousel content.
  • Confuse people by offering multiple items at the same time.
  • Easily ignored as being misinterpreted as an ad banner.
  • Slow your site and negatively impact SEO and conversion rate with site visitors.
  • Don’t always work well on mobile devices.
  • Sometimes annoy users when the carousel content starts sliding to quickly.

Read more: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4

let me know if this works for your. If yes; accept my answer and give me thumbs up! Thank you.

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I think you should seriously rethink you desire for a slider. All user studies show that it really isn't good.

Do you do it to impress someone - or to sell more? If your focus is on selling drop the slider

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Hi, Dawn theme looks awesome to use but it does not have image slider on homepage. How can i add image slider in it. Thankyou



It's not rare to find carousels/slideshows having a bad rep between designers and developers, however, the truth of the matter is that: depending on one's business and if used properly, it will help with sales. Amazon, Aliexpress, other giants & the top selling premium Shopify themes are using carousels for a reason.

The same way most apps on the Shopify are bloated with unnecessary code and slowing down one's website, well... in the end of the day they're being used because they are fixing a problem and converting visitors to customers.

This should be the end goal of any sort of coding in e-commerce.

Should they be improved, more performative and challenged? Absolutely. But, yet again, the end goal is having tools that help merchants to sell. And carousels can offer that if used wisely. Google itself offers suggestions for good/bad carousels in terms of UX, which subsequently will help with conversions.

With that said, you can add a carousel to the Dawn theme installing a pre-made carousel section like this. Alternatively, depending on your needs, you may want to contact a Shopify developer to help you coding a personalized solution.

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