Add Name and Company to Account Invitation Template

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Hi, I am trying to add customer first name and company to my account invitation template, but I'm obviously missing something in my code as {{shipping_address.first_name}} and {{}} are appearing as blanks. Please see below (bold is my additions to template). Any help is gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance. 


{% capture email_title %}Activate your account{% endcapture %}
{% capture email_body %}Hi <a>{{shipping_address.first_name}}</a>, a customer account has been created for <a>{{}}</a> at <a href="{{shop.url}}">{{}}</a>. All you have to do is activate it.{% endcapture %}

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Hey @pflemo,

You may want to try using {{customer.default_address.first_name}} and {{}}. Or you can also just use {{customer.first_name}} for the name.

As long as the customer has these fields filled out, this should work.

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Thanks Brett.

I'll give that a try.