Re: Add Small Button Thing to Give Info About Variant

Add Small Button Thing to Give Info About Variant

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Hi all,

I have a question of something that I would like to implement on my product page and it is a little question mark button that a user can click on and a pop-up window would then appear giving more info about that specific bit of text. 

I have linked to several images of what I am trying to achieve:

You can see a live version of what I am describing here:

I would like to implement this next to the text of my variants and on various other parts of my site that may require additional info to help the customer journey in purchasing my products. 

Does anyone know what this type of thing is called and if it is possible to implement on Shopify? Also, does anyone know if there is an app already that can do this or is this something that requires custom coding, which I do not know how to do, but would be open to hiring someone to implement this. I just don't know how to describe this type of element.

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Hi @Will_V 

This is indeed doable on Shopify and would require custom coding for this. What you're looking to do is a Modal based info, we can assist on that should you'd like to get this done.

How many variants & info boxes are you talking about here? Please share any additional information to our e-mail in the signature below and we will assist swiftly on that matter.


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i need this done for 2 variants on my store. Could you help?