Add to cart button does not appear for only one product

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While I don't experience such an issue with other products, the "Add to Cart" section is not appearing only for one product. It seems as if it has been deliberately selected. Why is this happening and how can I resolve it? You can also see my issue in a video I posted to the community regarding another problem, where the "Add to Cart" option for only one product on the homepage is not visible.

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Hi, @salihersahin. I'm happy to look into this with you! I just have a few questions to make sure I'm giving you helpful advice going forward.

  • When did you first start noticing this? Has the 'Add to cart' button always been missing for this product or is this a new issue?
  • Is this only happening on your home page or is this happening on collection and product pages as well?
  • Which theme are you currently using?
  • Have you made any recent customizations to your theme?

Once I have more information I can share some suggestions to help you get this fixed. In the meantime, I recommend some troubleshooting to find out what could be causing this. To start, I recommend previewing your store with a different theme to identify if this is an issue with your specific theme file, or if it's being caused by something else like the way the product itself is set up. You can preview a theme by going to Online store > Themes in your Shopify admin and selecting ... > Preview next to the theme you want to preview. You can also find the steps to preview themes expained in this guide. For the best results, I would download a new free theme from the app store here to test this out. If the 'Add to cart' button appears correctly for this product using a new theme, but not your current theme, the issue is likely being caused by something in the theme file you're currently using. If the 'Add to cart' button is still missing when you preview a new theme, the issue is likely being caused by something else, and we would need to look into this more to determine why this is happening.


Please try that out and let me know if you have any questions!

Erin | Shopify 
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