Add to Cart button grays out when a variant is selected

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I have a problem when I choose a variant, ATC button grays out even tho the product is not out of stock.

I have to refresh the page for the ATC button to work again. What confuses me more is that this problem happens to certain products only and not all of them.

my website is


a product that shows this problem:

a product that doesn't:


the console gives this error:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'insertBefore')
at VariantSelects.renderProductInfo (main-product.min.js?v=89707781135687103051701890217:1:9266)
at VariantSelects.onVariantChange (main-product.min.js?v=89707781135687103051701890217:1:5436)


please help!

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Hi @a7nawy ,

Currently, when I visit your store and check some products, change variants, I need help with the problem you describe.

It's very possible that the variant you chose is sold out or the shop location doesn't have that variant.

Please check the Variants section in the product you need help with.

view - 2024-01-11T093943.526.png

Hope it helps @a7nawy 


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I figured it out. It turned out that this problem occurs when I add a compare-at price, I still don't know why, so I left it blank in all products/variants.