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I'm setting up a tiered discount based on spend with our Shopify store and am looking for some help with adding 'Total Savings' to our checkout page.  The issue we're running into is that when we run the Shopify script on our store, the cart discount is $0 because the Script applies the % off to each line item.  While the Subtotal reflects the correct amount, I'd like to setup the logic to work like the following:

-If discount code is applied, amount is $0, display 'Total Savings' instead of 'Discount' at checkout 

-If discount code is applied to cart, amount is >$0, display 'Discount' instead of 'Total Savings'

I'm just starting out on Shopify and was initially trying to edit through out checkout.liquid template, however it looks like this is just pulling in the following div for our order summary:

<div class="sidebar__content">
{{ content_for_order_summary }}

So thinking I need to add a script to the 'Additional Scripts' field in Settings > Checkout, but am a little bit unsure of the best way to handle.  

Appreciate any help here or even just leading me in the right direction.

Thank you!


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All content is generated from shopify backend and displayed on browser for checkout pages.
You can do this using javascript.