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Adding Additional Customer Tag Based on Language

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Dear Shopify Gurus,


I am building my website and using Prestige theme. When a new customer wants to subscribe to my newsletter, I use the double opt-in procedure by Shopify. Automatically, the users that are subscribed to the newsletter are added a tag "newsletter". 

In addition to this tag, I would like another tag that would represent the language that the user selected in the website (english or german). Can you help me with that? I will use this tag in another third party app.



Can you help me with that?

Kind regards,



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Hi @andauser ,

With extra tags for languages, you need to contact the language app. Because you need to add event to change value when catching language select event.
And it only adds 1 tag for the customer, which means you need to choose between newsletter and language.
Hope it clear to you.

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