Adding Addons that change the price in product page with checkbox without an app

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Hi! I am trying to create an addon (checkbox with 4 options) in a product page that allows the customer to select multiple addons and change the price, I don't have to keep inventory for those addons.

I was able to create the checkbox with property line items that you can see in the cart, but the price is the same; I can't use variants because it will only allows me to select one, and as you know Shopify is limited to 3 options, so, can you guys advise? (see image below)




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Hi @jennifervdz 


Other way is to create a product on those additions, and need to  write a code to update the cart. You might need to hire someone to write the code for you if unable

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Thank you for your reply, I don't mind to create the addons as individual products, what I haven't figured is how 🙂

I wouldn't mind to code it but I need help because I have no idea how to add that functionality.