Adding Bootstrap to Shopify app by using Shopify CDN

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Hello, I'm trying to add Bootstrap to my app, specially via the Shopify CDN (not by inserting

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" integrity="sha384-T3c6CoIi6uLrA9TneNEoa7RxnatzjcDSCmG1MXxSR1GAsXEV/Dwwykc2MPK8M2HN" crossorigin="anonymous">

 in the head).



Could I please get some advice on how to do that?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello @julzevias 
hope you are doing great!

Could you please tell me, Which technology are you using for your app?

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Hi @hardik355 ,

I figured it out. Put

{{ '//' | stylesheet_tag }}

in the head in theme.liquid. Bootstrap styles will apply to the whole app.


In my case, I found out that Bootstrap class names overlapped with a lot of my theme's class names (Woodstock v1.3.0). Therefore, I opted for not using Bootstrap.