Adding dynamic source on product pages: no FILE metafield options appear, only text metafields?

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When adding a dynamic source (metafields) to a collapsible tab when customising a product page in DAWN theme, no FILE metafields are presented as selectable options. Text metafields I set up appear and work fine, but the FILE and URL metafields I set up aren't selectable as a dynamic source to add to the customised product page.

I followed the same process for all metafields so unsure why FILE and URL metafrields aren't selectable. Are these not able to be added to a product page as a dynamic source without editing code or is there a setting or mistake I may have made? Any help appreciated, thanks.

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I am having the same problem with the DAWN theme

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I was dealing with the same issue and found out that not all metafields are compatible with all sections in Dawn. "File" field is compatible with image inputs. ("image with text" section for example) I guess this makes sense if you want to add extra gallery/image options for a product, but I use this field with other filetypes (pdf) to give a downloadable user manual and it doesn't work that way unfortunately. To avoid custom coding I used a little workaround and instead of the file fields I used URL because url fields can be assigned to buttons. So I added a "rich text" section and used the url field for the button. I really hope this works for you as well!

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Shopify Support sent me this thread as a possible solution. I am not sure if it works, it involves coding and I have absolutely no coding knowledge so I couldn't use it. But maybe you can see if it works for you.

I eventually ended up using PageFly to create collapsible tabs with additional product pages with the product details I wanted to add in a meta field (like additional pictures, dimensions, and care instructions) and then added it to the bottom of the original DAWN product page template. It worked quite well and looks pretty & organized. Was a simple solution for me instead of figuring out the coding.

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Do you mean that you managed to add metafield values into collapsible tabs using Pagefly? 

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@peter-vegvari THANK YOU! I was getting furious of why the URL Metafield was not showing, i'm gonna use the rich text button workaround. It's not my favourite solution but at leasts it's a solution 😄

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Thank you for the suggestion of the Rich Text box. It does work, but it's pretty hacky. I wish there was more flexibility in how the metafields were accessed through the theme editor. It seems counterintuitive to add new metafields to the product and then not be able to display them on the product page.