Adding Google Address Auto-complete to my Product Page

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My business requires the customers business name and address to fulfill their order, however, I don't want to rely on their shipping address as it may be different from their business. 
I want to add an address auto-complete box to the product page of my Shopify store. The box will allow customers to find their address from the search box. Once they find and select their business and/or address, that information will be added to the checkout process and invoice, which will be visible to both the customer and me. I have seen this done on other Shopify stores. 


I have added Google's "Place Autocomplete" API, which works for finding a business but does not transfer that to the checkout or invoice. How can I get this search transferred to the cart/invoice?

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Adding an address autocomplete feature to your Shopify store's product page is a great way to streamline the checkout process and ensure accurate shipping information. While Google's Place Autocomplete API helps users find addresses efficiently, integrating it with the Shopify checkout process requires some additional steps.