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Adding multiple hyperlinks to slideshow image

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I am trying to add multiple hyperlinks to an image & have mapped the image using as below.


<img src="Diabetes Nov 21.jpg" usemap="#image-map">

<map name="image-map">
<area target="" alt="" title="" href="" coords="870,49,1241,257" shape="rect">
<area target="" alt="" title="" href="" coords="" shape="rect">


When I go into the theme editor (theme.liquid) & select image--slideshow.liquid I cannot find where I should insert the code. Other answered questions state the code is to be inserted after the <img > tag but there does not appear to be any <img > code in this section of code.

Does anyone have any advice so I can load the image with the links to my homepage slider?


Thank you

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Hi @LinearMedical,

Can you send me the code of the file sections > slideshow.liquid.
I will check and guide you to change it

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