Adding phone to newsletter form

Adding phone to newsletter form

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I am looking to add a phone number to my newsletter form. 


It looks like using `name=contact[phone]` doesn't save the phone. I verified on Network tab that the phone is submitted properly on `contact[phone]`. 


I also saw posts that suggest saving it on Notes. IMO it's not an acceptable solution. 

Can someone from Shopify's dev team please take a look at this subject and find out why it's not saving? 




    <div class="fieldset" style="justify-content: normal;">
                {%- assign phone_label = '' | t -%}
                {%- render 'input',
                  type: 'text',
                  name: 'contact[note][phone]',
                  label: phone_label,
                  type: 'tel',
                  autocomplete: 'phone',
                  required: true



IMO, if `notes` works, it means that the issue is on Shopify's backend not mapping correctly `contact[phone]`.





Solutions that doesn't work:

1. input type as `tel` instead of `text`

2. Saving on notes

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