Adding Pickup Order Date to New Order Email to staff

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We are using the Delivery & Pickup app by Identixweb which places a calendar and time options so that a customer can select a time for their order to be picked up. We want to add this information to the New Order email that staff receive once the order is placed. We have tried to adjust the coding and have managed to add the customer's phone number however we can't get the values for the pickup date and time to work. This information appears in the Additional details section of the order and the .json details from an example order are below.


"note":null,"note_attributes":[{"name":"Order Type","value":"Shipping"},{"name":"Store Pickup Date","value":"31\/10\/2023"},{"name":"Store Pickup Time","value":"02:00 PM"},{"name":"Store Pickup Day","value":"Tuesday"}

 We have tried to use attributes and note_attributes to pull this data however it fails to come through. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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