Adding POD Personalizer app to Crave Theme

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I have followed the instructions for adding code to Shopify for the pod personalizer app to work... but it doesn't..

This is the code showing in theme.liquid.. (I have removed arrows so post can be approved)
{{ 'theme.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}
{% if template contains 'product' %}{% include 'pod-personalizer' %}{% endif %}
with the following code further down... 
.custom-name {
color: white;

This is as directed by the help file in POD personalizer - but the personalisation field isn't showing on the required product page. So I am wondering if it's the Crave template and that I should be editing another piece of code somewhere - I did notice there is no theme.js in Crave so maybe this is the part that needs editing but which .js file do I edit it to... has anyone used Pod Personalizer and can help please?

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