Adding Sections & Blocks Via A Custom App?

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New to Shopify development, but not new to development - I come from a React, WordPress, Umbraco, and Drupal background. (Please don't hold it against me)


Just a super simple question that I could find the answer to on YouTube, Udemy, or StackOverFlow.


Is it possible to add custom sections or blocks (still working on understanding the difference) to Shopify stores via a custom one-off app?


For instance, taking WP, if I want to I can add page templates, Gutenberg blocks, etc. all through a plugin so that UI components are portable from theme to theme. I'm hoping to do the same in Shopify.


If possible - does anyone know of some documentation on it?


Thanks 🙂


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Sadly, no responds yet. I would be interested towards this, too.