Adding the same variant to multiple products in a simple way?

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Basically I have around 500 products, all will have around 8 variants that are exactly the same in every product including their prices. Adding them manually is extremely tedious and I am hoping there is some way to simply duplicate the variants to other products.


Preferably I can do this natively on Shopify as I can't really afford much right now, but if this can only be achieved by using an app of some sort I guess I'll consider it.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mahfood 

An approach with an app, just in case you end up going that way. If you are familiar with Excel you can bulk add Shopify variants by using Mixtable's Excel-like spreadsheet interface. Sync your variant data to a worksheet, add the new variants (just paste data, or enter manually into the spreadsheet), and one-click sync the data back to Shopify.