Additions to customer database (dawn)

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Can anyone help us with answering the following question:

would it be possible to do additions (=output of a survey we integrated on the shopify) to a customer database?

We would need to add an extra field in the shopify database.

If not possible, are there any other solutions we can apply?


Thanks in ad for the help!

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If it's on customer sign up you could store the info as notes.  If it's for existing customers you'll probably need a custom app to store the data as a customer metafield.

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Hi @Christinahadi!

As @iDoThemes mentioned, you can use the Customer note field in Shopify to save custom data when a customer registers for an account. This is possible by adding some extra code to your store's theme. Here is a link to a page on Shopify's dev docs with more details:

If you're open to using a paid app instead, then I would suggest trying out our Customer Fields app. All of the custom data collected by Customer Fields is automatically saved into Shopify as a customer metafield (see here), and there's lots of other powerful features as well!

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