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We're using the Advanced Product Options app at the moment for the majority of our products as it seems to be the only thing that works for our complex & conditional variations, we sell custom mixed ecigarette liquid so have 20-30 variations for every base product, i.e. 1 flavour has 3 different mixing ratio options, 4 different nicotine types and 5 nicotine strengths, but if a customer chose a certain ratio, it would change the nicotine type and nicotine strength options available to them. The base product is an incomplete product and would be useless to a customer, so the variations are vital. We have a few issues though and I'd be interested to know if anyone else has similar needs to us and has any tips or alternative apps that work better - we've tried a few but can't seem to get the same layout. Our issues are:


1. Every time a customer buys a product linked to the app, it creates a clone. We've managed to hide them from the front end of the website, but it means the inventory is never correct as it always takes too little or too much off the stock.

2.  We can't do collection specific discounts/offers because of the cloning feature. You have to apply the discount to the clone collection to allow it to work on any product at all, so if we wanted to offer 20% off our samples collection,  having to choose the cloned collection means it would discount all collections that are linked to the app anyway.

3. We can't use any upselling/cross selling apps, because again, we can't just choose 1 collection/set of products, but also because say we wanted to create a cross selling pop up of spend £30 and get x product 20% off, it would only add the base product to the customers basket, rather than giving them the option to choose the variation they need. 


I might be hoping for something that doesn't exist, but even just a tweak that we could implement that makes this app work better for marketing/stock purposes, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you

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