allocating low stock products just to bold subscription customers

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Hi there, I am very low on a few products and I need to save the stock for my bold subscription customers. I'm not sure how to allocate stock so it's only available to my subscription customers. If I put 0 units in inventory what happens to the sales that tick over in bold? How do manage this? 



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Hi @TASH2107 ,


Your requirement is too complex but possible.


If you set your product inventory to zero, ii will show out of stock and nobody will able to purchase it.


To solve it

You have to create a metafield at product level which will store the count of bold subscriber count.


Now custom code you theme which will check for quantity, if quantity is greater than bold subscriber then do nothing but if quantity is less then or equal to bold subscriber then product will show unavailable or out of stock to all user except the bold subscriber.



Hope it will help...

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