Allow the customer to build custom bundles?

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Hi, my client is looking for a way to set up a build-your-own-bundle page.  The customer would be able to choose a number of products to add to a bundle, and then it would charge them for the bundle product and send the selected products to fulfillment as a bundle.  The only way I've found to do this is to have the bundle be a single product and then set the products as custom product line items, but my client's fulfillment house can't process these - they need the data to come in as an actual bundle.  We've looked at using apps to do this but the ones that claim to allow you to "build your own bundle" seem to mean the store owner - you can use the apps to build custom bundles on the backend, but they don't allow the customer to build them on the product page.  I can't seem to find any that allows the functionality to let the customer pick what goes into the product bundle.  Can anyone offer any solutions for this?  A way to code it in Liquid would be ideal, but if we have to use an app that would be ok too.

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Hello, @James_Morrison 

The way I would approach this is to make one product (the bundle) and create numerous variants. The variants would be the bundle options.

This would reduce your task to just making the interface without worrying about the data structure underpinning it.

You could also look at how other apps handle bundles like this for example:



but my client's fulfillment house can't process these - they need the data to come in as an actual bundle.

Do you mean the bundle appears as a single item on the order? Usually, most fulfillment companies want the bundles broken down into individual items. 

I am not sure if you try my app. But my app, BYOB does allow customers to select the products and make them into a bundle.

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