Alt text in images isn't read by search engines

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The images on my page do not use Alt text; I would like to use the type of Alt text that this site uses. Every page and image on my website contains SEO. I have not tagged them in my SEO. Although all web pages have been checked and modified repeatedly, the reason remains a mystery. Can this be fixed? Does my alt text have a hardcode? How do I do it in JSON in that case?

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oh sorry but Shopify by default allow this all image also Shopify SEO Friendly all theme 

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Hi @johnwarmer234,

The purpose of the alt text is to render the specific text if an image is not rendered on your website. If you are using JSON, then it will render the same content, which is not correct.

So, it would be best if you used staring instead of JSON for alt text

Hope it'll help

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Previously even I wasn't adding alt text to the images on my website. Now after I came to know the importance of alt text, I have updated the most recent post and article. Now, I want to know is there a way to update alt text for all the images in my previous post? Manually updating will take a lot of time and effort. Please help.

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To add Alt text for your images, review your website's code. Alt text isn't typically hardcoded in JSON but added to HTML image tags using the "alt" attribute. Make sure each image tag includes a descriptive alt attribute to improve SEO and accessibility. If the issue persists, consider seeking assistance from a web developer or using SEO tools to automate alt text generation.

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Alt text in images, also known as "alternative text," is not directly "read" by search engines in the same way as text content on a webpage. However, search engines use alt text as a part of their algorithms to understand the content and context of images on a webpage. Alt text provides descriptive information about the image, which can improve accessibility for users with visual impairments and also helps search engines better index and rank the webpage. Therefore, while search engines don't "read" alt text in the traditional sense, it still plays a crucial role in SEO and website accessibility.