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Dear  Shopify Community,


I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your expertise and guidance regarding some issues that I have recently encountered with my Shopify website. I have been using Google Search Console to monitor the performance of my website in search results, and it has flagged a few concerns that I believe require attention.

I am dedicated to ensuring the best possible user experience and search engine visibility for my website, and I believe your collective knowledge and insights can help me address these challenges effectively.


Here are the specific issues that Google Search Console has detected on my website:


  1. Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag: It appears that Google has identified alternate pages with proper canonical tags. I would like to understand how to implement canonical tags correctly to resolve this issue and prevent any negative impact on my website's SEO.

  2. Blocked by Robots.txt: I have received notifications that certain pages on my website are being blocked by the robots.txt file. I'm not entirely sure how to properly configure the robots.txt file for my Shopify website, and I am seeking guidance on rectifying this issue.

  3. Not Found (404) Errors: Google has indicated that some of my web pages are resulting in "Not Found" errors (404). I am eager to learn how to identify and rectify broken links or missing pages to enhance user experience and prevent any negative impact on search rankings.

  4. Excluded by 'noindex' Tag: There are instances where pages have been excluded from indexing due to the 'noindex' tag. I believe this might be unintentional, and I am seeking assistance on how to locate and remove these tags to ensure proper indexing.

  5. Soft 404 Errors: I've noticed that some pages are triggering soft 404 errors, returning "200 OK" status codes instead of proper 404 error codes. I would greatly appreciate guidance on how to address these errors and ensure accurate status codes for non-existent pages.

  6. Crawled - Currently Not Indexed: While Google has crawled my website, some pages are currently not indexed. I am eager to identify the root causes and take the necessary steps to ensure proper indexing and visibility in search results.

I am confident that your collective expertise and insights can help me navigate through these challenges and optimize my Shopify website's performance in search engines. Any advice, suggestions, or step-by-step instructions you can provide would be immensely valuable to me.


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to learning from your experiences and working together to enhance my website's search visibility and overall user experience.

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Marked, has the same issue.