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App blocks schema

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What is the full app blocks schema? shows its similar to but adding the key "blocks" I get the error uploading the app: unknown key 'block

    "blocks": [
        "name": "Slide",
        "type": "slide",
        "settings": [
            "type": "image_picker",
            "id": "image",
            "label": "Image"
{% endschema %}
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You just need to use "type": "@app", it will work fine.
Hope it helps!

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I'm also curious about this. My app needs to have some repeated blocks. It would be convenient to allow people to manage them in the theme customization area. But the `blocks` attribute doesn't seem to be supported in the `schema` section for an app extension. It would be nice to have a full schema reference so we know what all is available and/or not allowed. The current documentation makes it sound like everything supported by the section schema is also supported in app extensions, but that doesn't seem to be the case.