App namespace metafield in checkout ui extension

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Didnt find an aswer to this problem in exisitng threads, probably someone can help me with it.

I have a checkout ui extension where I wanted to access the app owned customer metafield (create from app with namespace: $app:testapp and name: testmeta and it is under customer objects). I was trying to put this inside cunfiguration:


 namespace = "$app:testapp"
 key = "testmeta"

Then tried to access it:

const metafields = useAppMetafields();

And in the hook, I logged it:

   useEffect(() => {
  }, [metafields]);

This gives empty array. The customer is logged into the account so this is definitely not the reason. Also this way works fine if the metafield is standard (not the app owned)


Thank you!

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Did you solve this yet, I am currently getting empty array as well

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Facing same issue, Metafield showing on api.appMetafields on console but when I try to get, it's blank ([])


did you find the way how to resolve it? Please guide me on how to resolve this issue.


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Kurvi Kansagra
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Unfortunately no, I endup using simple settings to make setup for the Checkout UI extension, which is rather weak solution, but still interested of course