Apps loading scripts twice in our HEAD tag

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our Klavio,, CrazyEgg, and a few other scripts are double loading on our site. 

Reviewing the theme code, there is no where that these scripts are being called. They are only loading via app installation. 

Any idea why they are loading twice?


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Check your theme for duplicate {{ content_for_header }} calls.

Or anything capturing,maninpulating that part of the thems script as performance hacks that try to control script delivery or overrides.


Or any "header" snippet that call content_for_header and that header gets duplicate calls or has improper loops.


If the above doesn't apply then view source and inspect the delivered html to tell if scripts are being rendered in duplicate or are loading duplicates after render to remove template code error as possibility. 

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I am also having this issue. I see that a couple of js urls are listed twice in the `urls` array of the `asyncLoad` function. Does anyone have a solution?

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In the end I just contact the individual apps and they removed the duplicates. They couldn't tell me how they got there or how I could've resolved myself.