Are Javascript Product Listings On Collections Bad for SEO?

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Hi All,


Up until this week we were using Searchanise (site search and collection filters) to serve and filter products on our collection pages.  They serve the product listings on collection pages with javascript, which makes them load super fast, but I've been concerned about the negative impact this might have on our SEO.


When I look at my collection page source code (on the site and in google search console) there's no mention of any product listings - no names, no urls, nothing.  The Searchanise devs told me that google does crawl the javascript product listings, but  but I just don't see how this can be since nothing is in the source code.


Also, in ahrefs I was noticing that all of our products were counted as orphaned pages since there was no internal links coming from the collections pages. 


I can only imagine that this is negatively impacting our SEO.


Hoping someone understands this better than me and can chime in on it.    Thanks in advance for the help!



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Google and other search engines are smart enough to crawl your sites with products loading from JS. Dont worry about that. A good search + filter app that can help you with SEO and theme support is It has more features and considered a Premium product search + collection filter app.

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Hi @DQuin, Julia from the Searchanise team is here. 


The browser indexing process is a bit complicated, but to put it simply, the JS content is still recognized by the Googlebot even though it is not presented directly in the source code.


As for our app, it was designed to be an ecommerce solution and is optimized for this goal.
If you want to make sure you take all advantages you can with our app, I can recommend setting up your Filters on Collections functionality through the code if you use it. As this option allows you to preserve your original collections links, which is good for your SEO.

You can find the detailed instruction on how you can do it in our Help Center:

Setting up Filters on collections

Our support team will also be happy to help you with any code related issues if you face any, so please feel free to contact us via Help Center form:

Contact Support