Are variant metafields persistent?

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I'm looking at replacing an internal product tag used for inventory control with a variant-level true/false metafield. Am I correct that it seems like there's no way to add the metafield value in bulk and it must be done one variant screen at a time??  💀


Holy moly... so say I suffer through this and set the metafield value for every variant in the store.

  1. The next time I import a product CSV and overwrite existing data, will they be wiped out? Where is this product value actually STORED?
  2. If they're hopefully preserved through a csv import, is that still the case if I change something like an option setting that causes new variant ID numbers to be generated?

I just want to make sure that if I undertake the apparently significant data entry task to set this up that it isn't transient and the variant-meta info doesn't get nuked the first time we do some kind of mass-CSV update with the products.


For real though.... bulk edit.... why isn't it there???

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Hi @amanda-91,

You can only edit it with the app, as products admin doesn't support you to change this. Refer

Or you can also contact Shopify directly for support, refer

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