Assistance Needed: Unresolved Issue with Shopify Support

Assistance Needed: Unresolved Issue with Shopify Support

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We have already communicated with Shopify Staff regarding our issue and shared the chat logs below. However, we have not received a satisfactory solution from them, and they have not responded to our latest message. If anyone is familiar with this issue, please provide guidance.


RCJ: Can anyone guide this; we received mail while we submit the app for review. Your app must be a finished and complete product in a stable state, free from any incomplete functionality and/or bugs. See for additional details, after installing the app we encounter an error in the app's UI, nothing happens after opening the app from the App index. Issue Report: After installing the app from the Shopify App Store, users are encountering a blank page with no apparent functionality. We acknowledge the presence of this UI error and are dedicated to resolving it promptly. we are not aware of what we need to show in the page. It will be helpful if we have a step-by-step guidance.


Shopify Staff: Hi RCJ,
Is the auth flow working as expected - as in the merchant can install the app correctly? What is your intended action once this happens - should there be an onboarding flow to set up the app, or simply the merchant lands on the app UI/ dashboard?


RCJ: Hi Liam,
Thanks for your response.
Once our customer installs RC Jewelry Dropship app. At the backend, we will get auth code from the endpoint then we will exchange our auth code with shopify to get the access token then it will be redirect to our RCJ platform UI Connect My Store


Shopify Staff: So, is the problem here that the redirect is not working, and the merchant stays on the Shopify admin?


RCJ: After installation, its redirecting correctly to the RCJ UI. But when the merchant check from the shopify store, RCJ app remains blank while open app. So, we need to show the RCJ UI through endpoint, if so where we need to insert the endpoint in shopify partner app? Apart from this we need to do any manual changes in the shopify partner app?

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