Assistance Needed with Custom Slideshow Functionality on Dawn Theme

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Hello Shopify Community,

I'm currently working on enhancing the user experience on my store using the Dawn theme, specifically on a custom page (page.eczema-2). My goal is to improve the presentation of 'before and after' photos within slideshows.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

  • Initial Display: When a visitor first arrives on the page, they should see a single slideshow.
  • Progressive Revelation: Below the first slideshow, I want to have a button labeled 'See More Photos'. Upon clicking this button, a second slideshow becomes visible. This second slideshow would also have a similar button to reveal a third slideshow.

Could anyone provide guidance or solutions for implementing this functionality? Ideally, I'm looking for a solution that minimizes custom coding, as I am not very familiar with JavaScript or advanced Liquid coding.

I've considered separate pages or sections for each slideshow, but I'm concerned this might not provide the seamless experience I'm aiming for. Limitations: I've encountered a challenge with the Dawn theme's front-end editor, where I'm unable to add slideshows to collapsible content directly, so this isnt really an option.

Any suggestions on how to implement this within the Dawn theme, either through available theme features or with minimal coding, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

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