Attribution window confirm

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This is a question asked by another one but no response. and this is my questin too.



I am wondering on details how the attribution works in report "Sales attributed to marketing"?

I've seen the documentation page, but not sure it gives the answers on following questions:

- does report attributes orders to the last UTM campaign from which user came to shop before order was created?
- if user came from campaign and didn't buy anything, then came back later e.g. on next day but directly to the website without using ads - will the order be attributed to the last campaign or to organic (utm campaign = N/A)?
- if the user came from "campaign1" and bought something, then next day came from "campaign2" and bought something again - will the second order be attributed to "campaign2"?


There is some "30 days" attribution window mentioned in the doc above, but not clear how exactly it works. Is it applicable for reports with "Referrer" fields? Or it also applicable for this report based on UTM campaign name?

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