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Hello, I'm using Colorblock theme and trying to get the mobile view of mega menu to be a certain way where the nested/submenu options will automatically be visible and open when we click on the parent tab. I have 3 levels of nested menu. Currently on mobile view, we have to keep clicking on the arrows to open every submenu option, which is tedious for the customers and they miss out seeing many options. I'd like to set the menu in a way where you click on the parent menu button and the third nested menu is already visible and open under the second nested menu options. Attaching reference images of what I am looking for and what is the current view.

I am currently not getting any support from Shopify as Colorblock is a new theme and apparently we cant even use our free design time available for it. Hence reaching out to the community to get some help with this.

current view-2.png Current view


 Reference menuReference menu How we need it to be

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Hello @Janani 


Can you share your website URL so that I can check and help you?

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Hi @Janani,

It will be a complicated change and you have to hire a professional for it. Refer group:

Because you will need to change the entire Liquid code, CSS and JS. Therefore, I cannot guide you in detail.

Or you can use app for it: or 

Hope it helps!


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