Automatically add 2 tags on customer account signup

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Hi there,

I am using Shopify customer tags and Klaviyo Email integration for email marketing to my customers.

I would like to add automatically add 2 tags for when a customer creates and account on my Shopify store.

I have already been able to achieve 1 tag automatically with adding each new customer to a 'newsletter' tag.

I have the below html in my 'customers/register.liquid' file above the {% endform %}

<input type="hidden" name="customer[tags]" value="newsletter">


However, if I add a second line of this same html and change the value to "customer signups" then Shopify only sees the first hidden input HTML line and only outputs the "newsletter" tag.

Is it possible to automatically add 2 tags when a customer creates an account? If so, what are the steps/html to achieve this?


- E

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @superboyevan 

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Yes, there is such an opportunity to add 2 tags at once during registration. Try using the code below:

<input type="hidden" name="customer[tags]" value="newsletter, tag2">

The syntax is for you to write the tags in value separated by commas.

Hope that helps you. 

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Hi Aibek,

Thanks for your reply. This worked and I have now achieved what I needed. Thanks for your help.


 - E