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Automatically add product title to SEO metadata

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**I originally posted this to the Ecommerce Marketing board but I figure the Technical Q&A community may be more proficient at tackling this.**

When creating a product, I see that you need to manually input the SEO metadata content (Page Title, Description) while the URL is dynamically created based on the product title.

Is there a free way to make this process dynamic so that when I input the product title it would automatically input the same title into the Page Title and Description SEO fields? I would plan to use a template which mirrors the screenshot below (with "Accident" being the Product Title):


If there is no solution for doing this with a dynamic variable or code tweak, I'm open to an app though am not looking to spend money on an SEO app at this moment.

Thank you!

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There must be this code already on your webste, do check in theme.liquid

<title>{{ page_title }} – {{ }}</title>

Just change it to


<title>{{ page_title }} | {{ }}</title>

 Note: change '-' to '|' between the {{page_title}} and {{}}

It will look like the screenshot you share, on every page.

Hope this helps