Automatically add sales channel to newly added products

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I'm new to Shopify, but I'm currently building a storefront. I was wondering if there's a way to make newly added products automatically be available for other sales channels? New products are added regularly to my store, and it seems tedious to have to go and manually add a sales channel to all of them.

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I agree! It seems there is still no answer for this. I still haven't found a way to do this other than to go to the products list, select all newly added products, and then click EDIT. You can add columns for the other channels and then check each one. It's a major pain though. My store has products automatically added from one of my distributors, so we are talking thousands of products I have to manually update every week. This would be simple functionality for Shopify to introduce. 




I have the solution that you and musicfan88 are both looking for.


This is a 3rd party service that sets up an automation for your store telling it to mark the sales channels (you choose) for every new product.


They include a video walkthrough of the manual setup process, but I believe the first link I included is just a 1-click install type of procedure.


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