Automatically attach file (image) to product on add to cart

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My store will have a setup similar to where the image for the product is generated based on a users choices (it won’t be maps for me but principle is the same). I’ll be using Gelato as the POD service and I’m looking at the different integration options for Gelato <-> Shopify. I would prefer not to start with the API integration as that will be fairly expensive from a development perspective.

So, what I’m thinking is to use the manual order approval to upload artwork to products before sending them. The thing is I’m not sure how to transfer the image to the order... Put in other words: how do I make sure the generated image comes with the Shopify order when the user adds his product to the cart? And where can I then find that image to manually add to the order I create in Gelato?

I know there are plugins to let a user upload an image when placing an order but in my case, since the user doesn’t upload the image, I would like it to be automatic. The process could be something like:

1) user starts to design

2) based on the users choices, the image is a updated in real-time (html5 canvas) and stored at a location (Amazon S3, localStorage or whatever really)

3) User adds product to cart and the image is attached to that item in the order.

4) I can then manually upload the image to the product in Gelato and send to print.


I was thinking of “hacking” this suggestion by auto populating the upload file and hide the input field using CSS in some way but not sure that works...

Hope the question was clear and thanks in advance 🙂🙂

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@Agily did you ever get this solved. We do also need our own image being captured during add to cart by our 3D product configurator plugin.