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Automatically change the price or the metafields when change the variant by select

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I have a question about what happens when I change a Variant using new Shopify.OptionSelectors().

I tried to implement it with reference to the document.

When the variant is changed in the select tag, [?Variant=] is added to the end of the URL, the amount and product name displayed on the page will not be changed.

Since I am getting the product object with product.selected_or_first_available_variant, the amount and product name will change when I reload the page. Do I have to implement the page reload functions by myself? Or is it prepared by shopify like [?Variant=]?


I'm not good at English, so if you don't understand the meaning, please let me know.


thank you.

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Hello @tsu_bi ,


Can you please provide your store url ?

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this site is my original theme for development. using Vue.js.

source code


// eslint-disable-next-line import/no-extraneous-dependencies
import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.min';
import axios from 'axios';

new Vue({

  delimiters: ['${', '}'],

  data() {
    return {

      data: '',
      productSelect: '',
      productQuantity: 1,
      productData: {},

      activeNotification: false,
      activeNotificationMsg: '',


  created() {
    const currentUrl = new URL(window.location.href);
    const params = currentUrl.searchParams;
    const productUrl = currentUrl.href;

      .then((res) => { =;
        // eslint-disable-next-line no-new,no-undef
        new Shopify.OptionSelectors('product-select', {
          onVariantSelected: this.selectCallback,
          enableHistoryState: true,
      .catch((err) => {

  mounted() {

  methods: {

    init() {
      this.productSelect = this.$refs.productSelect;

      this.productData = {
        id: this.productSelect.value,
        quantity: this.productQuantity,

    changeQuantity() {
      this.productData.quantity = this.productQuantity;

    addToCart(e) {

        .post('/cart/add.js', this.productData)
        .then(() => {
          this.activeNotification = true;
          this.activeNotificationMsg = 'added.';
        .catch(() => {
          this.activeNotification = true;
          this.activeNotificationMsg = 'error.';

      setTimeout(() => {
        this.activeNotification = false;
      }, 3000);

    // eslint-disable-next-line no-unused-vars
    selectCallback(variant, selector) { =;