Autoplay Videos in Collections (Dawn Theme)

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Hi guys, 

I came recently across a shop where I discovered a video placed in /collections/all

The video was not part of a product card, it was a stand alone video placed between product cards.

For reference:


Any idea how to achieve this ? 

How can I place a video between product cards in collections/all on a specific position ?




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To actually do it is an advanced customization , editing the products-grid code to insert a video-snippet with the video url hardcoded or coming from a setting in the product-grid section or a global setting.


A simple/flawed DIY way is

  • make a product as a utility , that's as empty as possible with main media as video or a gif, depending on theme video may play if there is not audio.
  • assign that fake product an alternate template that has everything disabled, or acts as a landing page
  • Prevent this utility product from being found by search engines with a metafield definition .
  • In the collection template use custom-css setting to disable clicking the product as a link by building a selector that targets product handle in the links url i.e. a[href="/products/sunscreen-spf30"] { pointer-events: none;} 




If you need this customization then contact me directly by email for services.
Please always provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.
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Good hunting.

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Please refer the above video to impliment 

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