B2B customers to be able to add their free capacities

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Hi guys, as part of my webiste, I would like to create an account space for my B2B customers, after logged in, to be able to insert details about their free capacities which then can be used on the website .

Specifically, we sell beers and I would like to use and display to customers free capacities of our partner breweries. Breweries will login into their account and will manually add their current free capacities (bottles of beer they can make for us now or in upcoming  days, for example). I can see these information is some report and plan distribution based on that. Is there any for this potentially?

Phase 2, these capacities will be used and specific beers from specific breweries with enough capacity will be displayed on the website. Our minimum amount of products for one purchase is 60 bottles so just beers with minimum stotage of 60 will be displayed on the web.

Does anybody can help?

Thanks a lot, Ondra

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Shopify isn't built for this type of vendor interaction you either need to build a process, create an app, or find a suitable existing app.

For a DIY process tools like google sheets,forms combined with services like zapier,integromate,airtable or things like retool could be used to build an external flow for gathering that data into shopify.

For existing apps search terms like "multi marketplace b2b seller vendor wholesale login"


If you have a healthy budget and need this explored, or built , contact me at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com with details.



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