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I am moving our site into shopify. We have supplements and have 3 claims that we are allowed to make per FDA, we have less than 10 products.  I would like to display testimonials on product pages that have to do with that specific product and testimonials on each of the three pages where we talk about our 3 claims that have to do with that claim. 


For example, "Increased Energy" is one of our claims and so I would like to display testimonials on that page where someone mentions having more energy. I have both images files of claims (like a meme), and text field quotes, but do not plan on mixing them in a section. They are all in the same metaobject atm.

I built a metaobject where I have fields that denote which products the person is mentioning, which claim they mention, and also a field where I denote a specific design scheme because some of the images are designed to be seen together.

So my scenarios would be:
1. testimonials on a product page that have to do with that product. (pulled randomly from all the testimonials that fit that profile in the metaobject)
2. testimonials on a claim page that support that claim.
3. 3 image testimonials side by side that all have the same design theme so they look like they visually go together (that is the set number in my metaobject)

Can someone give me direction on how to do this? Pulling data from a metaobject based on the data within the object. I assume it need custom code, but would love to get a better outline of the process before I try to get some code written.

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