Best practice to translate store notifications

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I use one of the popular language translation apps.


My store is in three (3) languages ​​and each language must be added to the code.


There are about 30 shop notifications (order confirmation etc.) -> what could be the best practice to make these translations to the codes (ChatGPT or some else)?


For example: Order confirmation:

{% case attributes.lang %}   

{% when 'de' %} 

*Order confirmation code here in German*

{% when 'fr' %} 

*Order confirmation code here in French*

{% else %}  

*Order confirmation code here in English*

{% endcase %}

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The best practice to do this would be to use Locales. You can read more about it and read how to use it here: Locales (

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Hi @Kjankko-US,

Michael from langify here.


If you're using Langify then you can quickly auto-translate your store Notifications in Langify -> Notifications.


We're using DeepL Pro for the auto-translation feature which provides the best auto-translations on the translation market right now (better than Google Translate Pro or Chat GPT 4 however the quality margin may vary based on how popular a language is and how recently that language has been added to DeepL).


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Just to confirm: if I want to change my notification text -- in English, I do that in Shopify Settings -> Notifications -> select a notification.  Once I've saved that change, do I just go to the Langify app, make sure I've selected the correct theme, then select Translate, or Auto-translate, or Refresh. Sorry, can't remember the action label.    TIA!  Adrian

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Hi @NairdaSallisac,

Exactly. You can then hover over these grey arrows and click on "Auto-translate single field" to translate the title or as shown in the following example the body of the Notification:


autotranslate notification.png


Note that Notifications aren't Theme specific so you don't have to switch/select your current Theme in Langify before translating them.


The only Theme specific categories are the "Theme" and the "Static" categories in Langify (the "Static" category usually contains translations of your page builder app generated pages for example).


theme and static categories in langify.png