Best practice to translate store notifications

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I use one of the popular language translation apps.


My store is in three (3) languages ​​and each language must be added to the code.


There are about 30 shop notifications (order confirmation etc.) -> what could be the best practice to make these translations to the codes (ChatGPT or some else)?


For example: Order confirmation:

{% case attributes.lang %}   

{% when 'de' %} 

*Order confirmation code here in German*

{% when 'fr' %} 

*Order confirmation code here in French*

{% else %}  

*Order confirmation code here in English*

{% endcase %}

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The best practice to do this would be to use Locales. You can read more about it and read how to use it here: Locales (

You can message me for help 

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Hi @Kjankko-US,

Michael from langify here.


If you're using Langify then you can quickly auto-translate your store Notifications in Langify -> Notifications.


We're using DeepL Pro for the auto-translation feature which provides the best auto-translations on the translation market right now (better than Google Translate Pro or Chat GPT 4 however the quality margin may vary based on how popular a language is and how recently that language has been added to DeepL).