Best way to restock items?

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Hi everyone,


I have a lot of stock that is repeating and want to be able to bring it to the top of my feed once it is restocked. My collections are sorted by newest to oldest because there's far too many items for me to be able to keep up with Manual sorting. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good work around for this, to bring my restocked products to the top of the collection page without duplicating them?


My current work around is restocking the old product so my customers get their restock notifications, then duplicating the product to bring it to the top of the newest collection sorting. This isn't perfect as I lose my old sales data, messes with purchase orders through stocky app etc. but isn't the end of the world.


Anyone have suggestions of another work around for this?


Thanks in advance!



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Im also very keen for a solution to this if anyone can help!

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Would also love a solution to this!


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I also have this problem!