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Hi all,

I'm trying to update the URL slug however I'm unable to do that due to Shopify limitations:

I want to use just /blogs and I don't want to add another subfolder layer to my URL. I read that the second blog is actually a category but I don't think it applies to my situation as /blogs URL doesn't exist.
How can I convert it to just /blogs?


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On Shopify, you can have multiple blogs, so any blog's URL starts with /blogs. The next part (the handle/slug) can be changed if you go to /admin/blogs > select your blog > click 'Edit website SEO' > URL and handle

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I am unable to change the URL slug for my shopify landing page in WordPress. After adding the WP Shopify plugin, it generated this landing page.


We do not want it to say products, but when I edit the slug after going to pages > quick edit > url change and save, it creates an error on the page and then I have to reintegrate again, and this has happened 3 times. 


Any suggestions?