Bot that beats bot blocker apps and seems to be a parasite

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Hey folks,


As with everyone on shopify the bot explosion is causing a number of issues. I have bots that open between 50 - 100 accounts per day. We have installed a bot blocker, IP blocker and we currently have a country blocker switched on for the USA (plus Russia, Ukraine, Palestine and other erroneous countries as we are an Australia only retailer) as most attacks seem to come from the east coast of the US.


We switched off our 'create account' page months ago, although the bots still seems to be able to use is, and rerouted some countries to other landing pages to disrupt their landing paths.


It seems we have a parasite that is attached to the site and just sits and creates accounts every few minutes. Undetected by GA and by the site analytics. We have about 10 - 20 new accounts per day (called 123 12 or Joseph Biden) but since we have implemented these strategies the bot has got more agressive and opening 100 - 200 accounts per day with stolen email addresses. 


We unsubscribe all these accounts and place a 'bot' tag on them to avoid any EDM spam from our side. Plus we put two step on with a warning their email may have been used in sign up and we are an anti-spam brand.


What should we do next ? Should we switch of our site for a few seconds and see if we can shake it off?


Guidance and step by step direction would be greatly appreciated. We are on Prestige theme and using Blocky.



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Do you have the reCaptcha turned on from under the preference settings of Online Store? This should limit a lot of bots from creating an account. 
If yes, you might need to add a custom one which is more effective in nature. 



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the theme does not come with this functionality.