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Brand's Icon Page

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Totally new to shopify so bare with me sorry!

Basically would like to setup a page within my shop ( already got the header tab done ) where I can place all my brands icon on one page for customers 


Is this possible ?

Thank you in advance

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Online Store-->Pages-->Add page Give your page a title, like "Our Brands" or something similar.

Here you can add optimize brand icons

Save or Publish

Menu Placement

To make this page accessible to your customers, you can add it to your store's navigation menu. Go to "Online Store" > "Navigation," and add a link to your new "Our Brands" page.

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Thank you!, but how do I optimize the brand icons ?

I must be blind as I can't see way how to do it in pages

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Hey @agrmodelrail!

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for - but I've seen a lot of merchants set something like this up directly in a mega menu by using the Meteor Mega Menu app's 'Prism' template to display brand logos.

You can check out the Prism template on our demo store here (just imagine brand logos instead of product pictures).

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Something like the attached photo here, I need page where I can line up icons so customers can see brands we stock, click on said brand images which then will take to either sub branded page with more icons or to full list of said brand's stock list