Bug when putting more quantity in cart than available

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Hi all,


I've discovered what appears to be a bug regarding putting more quantity in cart than is available for sell.

What's more is that it appears different themes have a different behaviour.


For our store (using the Shella Theme):

If there's 2ea available of "Reference A" and the customer is trying to put 3ea in the cart - an error message states that "You can't add more Reference A in the cart" (translated from Swedish). So far so good.

However, if the customer puts 2ea of "Reference A" in the cart and then tries to put an additional 1ea in the cart - an error message states that "1Reference A has been added to your cart". This error message is obviously false and quite confusing for the customer.

I've visited other Shopify stores and tested this behaviour and they all have some kind of bug related to this scenario.

My questions are:

- Is it possible to report bugs to Shopify somehow?

- Until this issue has been resolved - how do you workaround this bug for your store?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Best regards,


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