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Hi There All!

I am really in a tough spot... 


I had no idea themes didn't auto update and I feel stupid for somehow not seeing this, but my theme just always said, "up to date" whenever I looked. It seems this year we've really taken some leaps with Dawn and gone from 8.0 to 12.0 in a matter of 8 months.


I'm currently, embarrassingly, on 2.0....


I didn't ever see a notification that there was an update and it only showed up today after a support chat when trying to figure out some outdated code. So this comes as a shock.


But, I'll get to the point. 


I have an appt booking app as I sell services. It's malfunctioning because of old code so I need to update STAT. 


I have a TON of design customizations, templates, footers, headers, etc done using the theme editor. I do not update code, as I prefer to leave that alone. 


The only code edits ever done to my site are from:
- 1 of 4 apps I have installed

- me hiding the search magnifying glass


I thought, this would keep me safe, however, it seems if I update to the new version, I will lose basically everything. 

Sure, the products and pages will be intact - but my templates hold most of the information on those, my menus will be there, and a few other things. BUT, all those customizations I spent hours, no days on... will be lost and my website will basically start from scratch with just a rough outline. 


This, to me, seems COMPLETELY insane. 

I have chatted Shopify 4x today and each of them seem to either not understand what I'm saying, or tell me that there's no way to save those edits.

So this means, that effectively, EVERY time you update your site, you will have to totally redesign it???? That's LUDICROUS, especially with an update coming roughly every month. Why on earth would anyone want to host their store here if they have to redesign every time?!?!?

So this just CAN'T be right? Right? 

Can someone please tell me that they are wrong?

For fun, I have attached a video of a few screenshots - one of my site now and a product (santa), and one of the preview of what these things will look like after. Everything will be ruined.

Any help is appreciated.

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