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Buy Button: image zoom for 'imgWithCarousel' on modals?

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I have searched high and low all through Shopify help, Github, etc and had zero luck with this other than finding others who have the same problem. 


Using the Buy Button sales channel, we've added our products to our Wordpress site. When clicking the button, we are enacting the Modal feature to enable additional details and product images. 


The problem with this is that the images in the image carousel within the modal are extremely small and there doesn't appear to be any built-in support of the image zoom / magnify image feature that exists elsewhere in Shopify for product images. 

Has anyone out there found any workaround to getting this to work? 

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I'm struggling with this too. Shopify lack of support here is horrible. They told me I had to pay a developer to do this. Well, that's what I do. The code is embed code so it's hijacked by external files from what I can tell. 


The buy now code function is very limited.

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Same problem here!

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Would so love a solution to this problem. Can someone please help??